Welcome to the home of Martha's Vineyard United!

We've outlined a clear player development pathway providing

soccer to the youth of Martha's Vineyard.

Our Mission : To provide each player the opportunity to play soccer in a supportive and rewarding environment that emphasizes skill-learning, fun and enjoyment, at a level that fits his/her interest and ability, to create a challenging environment for those players who aspire to play at a higher level and to foster character building by encouraging fair play.

M.V. United is excited to include you in a weekend event with the New England Revolutions Academy Program.  We are excited to welcome both Revolution Director, Deven Apajee, and the Regional Manager Dean Brookes. They will run 75 minute sessions with your team at the M.V.R.H.S. gym. These sessions will give you a sample of how they run a professional program. This exciting event will take place on Saturday and Sunday, March 17th & 18th. Your scheduled time with the Revolution will take place of your regular weekly practice at the Boys & Girls Club.

Below is a schedule that will show when each team’s session is. Through the introduction of an M.V. United alumni and M.V.R.H.S. assistant soccer coach, the Revolution have graciously offered to spend the weekend with us and see what Martha’s Vineyard potential holds.  This is an opportunity for both programs to better understand if there is a future together.  It is imperative that every team represent M.V. United in the true spirit it was intended.  

Please show up on time, respect the effort the Revolution has given us and enjoy this fortunate opportunity. Please direct any questions to our Travel Director, Oliver Holmes @ traveldirector@mvunited.org or our Communications Director, Manny Estrella @ communication@mvunited.org.

Registration for our 2018 spring recreational season in now open!

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M.V. United has added an informational texting group for the upcoming

spring recreational season. We will use this text group to notify you of

schedule changes, rain outs and more. To join our spring recreational

texting group, just text the keyword springrec to 95577.

Standard text messaging rates apply and you can opt out at anytime.

2017 - 2018 Programs

M.V. United offers both on island competitive and recreational soccer in our fall season.

In the spring, off island competitive travel soccer is available as well

as our on island recreational program. To find out specific information on both

programs, please click

Recreational Program

Island League - Fall Only

Travel Program - Spring Only

NEW Adult Registration and CORI Registration Process.

All volunteers are required to register with Mass Youth Soccer.

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