Martha's Vineyard Youth Soccer is a volunteer, non-profit organization. We provide children and young adults an opportunity to have fun playing soccer, learn about being on a team and sportsmanship while training on whatever level best suits the player

Martha's Vineyard Youth Soccer offers three tiers of playing, each is unique and offers a varying level of skills and competition based on Massachusetts Youth Soccer guidelines.

  1. The Recreation Program :
    This program introduces the youngest players to the sport of soccer and guides them as they add skills and self confidence on the field. This program provides a base for players from which they may determine if they would like to continue playing at the recreational level  or move onto a more competitive level.
  2. The Island League :
    This program is an extension of our recreational program. The Island League is offered in the fall and is for middle school players who have advanced from a basic level to a more competitive skill level. This program continues to focus on more in-depth training and introduces the finer points of the game to the players.
  3. The Travel Program :
    This program offers the highest level of soccer and is for those players who have advanced from the recreational program's basic skill levels. More intense training sessions are on island and games are played against teams from the South Coast Soccer League. Teams play in a eight game season with four games being home and four games away.

Everyone associated with Martha's Vineyard Youth Soccer is a volunteer. Board members, coaches, managers, concessions, registration leaders, opening day helpers and event coordinators. We encourage active participation and are always looking for more skills and great energy. Come and join our teams and we look forward to seeing you on the field! Please feel free to contact us at