Mini Kickers - Pre k to kindergarden

At 4-5 years old Mini Kickers are Martha's Vineyard Youth Soccer's youngest players. At this level age group, the emphasis is on having fun and learning to control the ball.

Practices : Every player has a ball and through various games ( Red Light-Green Light, Sharks and Minnows, ect ) players learn to dribble with either foot, change direction and stop the ball at their feet.

Matches : 4 v 4 is the maximum with 3 v 3 being the ideal numbers. This allows players more opportunity to touch the ball under more controlled circumstances. There are no goalies during these games.

Mini Kicker Mantras :
  • No Hands : Always use your feet and don't pick up the ball.
  • No Toes : Kick with any other part of your foot EXCEPT your toes.
  • No Goalies : Everyone learns field skills and there are never any goalies.

Practices : Mini Kickers practice on Mondays at the West Tisbury School back fields from 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Games : Mini Kicker game days are Saturdays at the West Tisbury School back field from 9 - 10 a.m.