Martha's Vineyard Youth Soccer is a non-profit organization solely run by volunteers. Volunteer positions are available on every level and more are formed every season. We always welcome new idea's and energy. Please don't hesitate to join and support. Contact us with questions or ideas at
  • Board of Directors and Board Members
  • Fundraising and Events
  • Recreational Volunteers
  1. Coaches : Mini Kickers, U8, U10 and Island League
  2. Concessions : Saturday games 9 - 12:30
  3. Registration Leaders : One Saturday prior to the season from 9 - 12.
  4. Opening Day Helpers : The first practice day of each session.
  5. Event Coordinators : Game festivals, end of season bbq, ect.
  6. Misc : Ideas / suggestions for the recreational program
  • Travel Program Volunteers
  1. Coaches
  2. Managers